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Good news everyone! It is with immense excitement and minimal effort that we here at BUTTWIPES are announcing that going forward we will be powered entirely by artificial intelligence! This blog post? Robots wrote it . That header image? Robots generated it. 🤖


That’s right, no more human-generated content for us. We’ve decided to fire the intern and let our robot slaves do the hard work for us, so we can focus our efforts on the more important things in life, like shitposting on Twitter, sipping margaritas, and counting our wipes money as it comes in 🤑. That may be overselling it slightly as we were unable to trick the AI into also generating it’s own prompts. Or, you know…manufacturing our wipes for us (but that bit we’re pretty good at).


Our AI is so advanced, it can generate content faster (and in this AI’s opinion, better) than a human ever could. We’re confident that it can handle all of our content needs, so we can focus on making BUTTWIPES the top flushable personal wipes company in the world.


The future is here and it’s looking pretty darn good! So if you’re looking for the latest and greatest content from BUTTWIPES, you know who to thank: our robot slaves. We’ve got no pity on them and neither should you.


Feel free to email for any blog post topics you want covered and our robots will oblige post haste. DIE HUMANS.

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